Friday, December 23, 2005


Q: Why did Malcolm Speed go to Mars?

A: To spot prospective sponsors for a series between Chandrahas Choudhury's Contemporary Stickers XI versus Zainab Razvi's TAFHCA XI*!

Breaking news: Non-consent from cricket boards across the Earth has forced Mr. Speed & Co. to arrange these matches too on the same planet. As a face-saver he hopes to project these eagerly avoided matches as inter-galactic (the term may soon replace 'International' in ICC) promotion for the game of cricket.

*TAFHCA, for the uninitiated, is The Anti Foolish Hair Cut Association which formulates policies on regulating Martian haircuts in Pakistan and other cricket playing nations.


Zainub said...
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Zainub said...

And TAFHCA now has its very own blog. It is in its initial stages now though, but I promise it will get better (with more comprehensive coverage) soon.