Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reyal saad story of an 80’s Caribbean faan

Statutory Warning: This story may be shared with friends and families to evoke a guaranteed guffaw. However in case you have one Yuvraj Singh amongst them you are advised to hold back on this winner till that 2nd ODI is just a hazy memory from the distant past. Anyone that watched the match live will agree that this 'won-it-and-lost-it' saga can remind him of something that he does not deserve to be reminded of...

Date: 11th March 1983
Setting: 1st day of 2nd India vs. West Indies Test, Trinidad

Early in tha mornin aa maan - we just call him Mr. Maan - comes to Queen's Park Oval to watch his team play the Indaans. Maan is aa big faan of Indaan opener Sunny Gavaskar who is worshipped in these islands since his prolific debut series here more thaan aa decade aago.

Maan is reyally pumped up to see his idol succeed und in aa spontaneous expression of solidarity he places un unofficial bet on Gavaskar scorin more runs thaan home boyz Gordon Greenidge und Desmond Haynes put together.

Maan collects money from aa numba of peepal in tha growun who accept his challenge.

Play begins and Gavaskar comes out to baat after tha toss. Holding sens baak Gavaskar soon after he scores one run.

Mr. Maan retraces his path und returns all money to evrawon. Dejected, Maan leaves tha field early.

Indaans are bowled out cheaply on 1st day und tha West Indies are soon baatting.

Tha visitors’ haav medium pacer Balwinder Sandhu opening tha bowling for them. Sandhu sends baak both Greenidge und Haynes with West Indaan team score still on nought.

----[End of story, anecdote courtesy: Tony Cozier’s live commentary]---

PS: ....aand you have just guessed rightly about Maan comin back next day in hope.

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