Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Beware of the Imposter!

There's a strange cheat lurking around the world's cricket grounds these days. He loves to hijack some specifically chosen international cricketer on the eve of a Test match. Then he painstakingly dons an impeccable physical makeover, Hollywood style, in order to resemble this missing player, all for the sake of a scarcely believable kick. And what's his kick?

Pretending to be that player and going through an entire Test match on the field and in the dressing room in full view of teammates, spectators and media - without ever getting caught!

For the well being of our beloved international cricketers' fraternity I tried to play Sherlock Holmes and figure out a way to trap him. Apparently he has an eye for one day specialists who are brilliant on the field and still finding their feet in Tests. And here's the clue: Mr. Imposter isn't too clever a fielder.

He 'replaced' Yuvraj singh of India in the Mumbai Test a few weeks back and dropped more catches there than Yuvraj did in his entire ODI career of nearly six years. After a few weeks of hibernation he was back to his favourite trick once again and this time he chose no less a stage than the Headquarters itself to brandish his unique trade. As per reports (lack of them, rather) Paul Collingwood appears to have returned home safely.

So if you find Shoaib Malik dropping a few catches in a Test sometime this summer make sure you watch the replays keenly and follow it up with a call to that eternal third umpire, the Interpol.
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