Tuesday, September 19, 2006

He is back

...and across, and forward. He's everywhere on the bowlers' minds. And he's magnificent as usual.

Pssssst.......he's back too, and so is he. All in the same tournament! No wonder it makes someone up there break down so often.

[Pic: cricinfo]


Jagadish said...

Yes, but Lara's never been away!

angshu said...


Lara had retired from ODI's for good but the captaincy returned to him earlier this year. He 'came back' to ODI's a few months then but since then he was merely the best player of his side. Lara's well and truly 'back' to being the player we all know only last night.

I am getting carried away by elation, by learning that these three are still retaining a lot of the stuff that made them legends.

angshu said...

sorry for the typos there....I'm outta my mind it seems!