Saturday, October 07, 2006

"It won't leave much for the highlights film"

Love the way John Stern sums up a growing need to recreate fast bowling magic.

Going through this list of interesting cricket facts on 123India cricket, the one I loved the most was:

Kapil Dev`s only break of one Test in his 131 Test career came after 65 Tests.

So the poor old all-rounder was only trying to bring about a little symmetry in a long career during his unproductive twilight years. Tch, tch....on hindsight it was unjust on my part (and by a few likewise dirty minded folks I know) to misread that act as a hankering for Richard Hadlee's world record 431 wicket tally. No fire in hell will be too bad for us unduly heartbroken admirers of the man....

But thanks to Warne and Murali, these days we find it hard to digest that such a miniscule record actually existed as recently as 1994!

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