Monday, February 12, 2007

India-v-Aus ODIs in 2000s

As mentioned in my ball no. 4 here I checked out on cricinfo records for India-v-Australia ODIs from the current decade.

India, it turns out, have won 5 matches out of the 26 they played against Aussies since 1st Jan 2000. I take back my words there - but not before pointing out that 3 of the wins came in a 4 match streak over six months fairly early in the decade - from the ICC trophy QF in Nairobi played in Oct 2000 to the 3rd match of the 5-match home series in March 2001.

Since the 2003 World Cup final India have played 14 times against the team to beat and won just twice, none of them in the last eight matches.

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