Saturday, May 19, 2007

Return of the jaded


I hope you still remember me. I can list a few reasons that have been keeping me away from regular blogging over the past month. Some of them are foolproof but I hate to lie to you so I must confess that the biggest reason is unfortunately a continuing lack of urge.

I am a quintessential blogger in the sense I just cannot make a post unless I feel like. For some mysterious reason I am totally blank in the mind at present. I cannot pinpoint the reason. It may have resulted from a sudden upping of ante on the job front, or from travelling distractions and family commitments for most of the past month. It may even be the brand new camcorder that is taking a lot of my spare time. More likely, the mind is still recuperating from the twin shock of Brian Lara's departure and Indian World Cup debacle.

Whatever be the reason, the end result is that no words or images fleet across when I think of making a cricket post. I do not remember a single instance over the past 2 years of blogging when "the bloggers' fog" has clouded my thoughts for such an extended duration.

So all that I can serve up is the link to a nice new blog I just found. It makes for good reading for cricket lovers, especially in India. Chances are you will like some of the posts in it.

Of all the posts I surfed through in that blog the part I loved most was a four line verse that whistles off an impassioned post in celebration of the return of Amit Bajaj's idol Sourav Ganguly to the Indian Test squad last December.

"...One man arrived to stop the kill,
With a bat of wood and a heart of steel."

Priceless. I wish these lines to kindle the hearth of a bankrupt blogger.


Homer said...

Welcome back :)

btw, how did Haldia do in the World Cup competition ?


angshu said...

Thanx for asking Homer! Well, Haldia ended 4th out of 6 competitors. Lahar was the winner who got the rusty nails (winners' cheque).

About the only thing that Haldia did wisely were the mid-tourney transfers - the replacements did well for me but that was not nearly good enough to make up for selecting Gayle and Mr. Cricket in addition to the replaced players Tendla / Afridi / Sehwag. Here's Chris' update: