Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not that we love mother less but that we hate monkeys more

That's the Symmo-Hogg standpoint. It's not necessarily so in these parts of the world where, as Steven Waugh knows better, calling someone a monkey will not be deemed a serious insult unless used in a boardroom meeting.

Let's get into the Indian standpoint on such insults through the words of Kalki on Prem Panicker's Smoke Signals:

The Indian team is now expected to argue at Harbhajan’s appeal hearing that he called Symonds a Maa Ki… (he abused Symonds’ mother) in his native tongue, according to a report in Daily Telegraph.

"Looks like with this defense Hogg and Harbhajan will be brought on to the same level of offense and will be let off with a warning."

What the hell!! When I was in school/college, abusing someone’s mother was the ultimate insult and there have been cases of violence and even murder reported just because somebody called someone a bastard. And calling someone a monkey was one of the first things you learn as a toddler. Looks like as we grow up, we have to re-learn how to abuse others.

Indeed it's all down to cultural differences, Steve. And how your successor tried to cash in on it.

Update: I am quite prepared to let Mikey's word be the last one on the 'monkey' controversy coz' it hits the off stump right at the top:

I do not understand how this (monkey) is a racist term. The scientists say we all came from monkeys, so how can this be deemed racist?" the fast bowling legend said.

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