Friday, February 15, 2008

Who's the best puller of them all?

Ayaz Memon on Adam Gilchrist:

"Quick of eye and reflexes, he can adjust in a nanosecond to play off the front or back foot. He is orthodox in the sense that he drives through the line, but he is otherwise a tremendous improviser. I also rate him the best cutter and puller in contemporary cricket."

Hard to refute that 'best puller' tag if you have seen Gily play, and even harder if you search cricinfo for photos and find pics like this and this.

But one man will raise his arm in protest, and when he does I will think over a second and decide to support him with pics like this and this and this. And to prove that he too always played the shot bloody well, this. Not convinced yet? Judge it yourself.


The Atheist said...

Apparently, if he puts his mind to it, Phil Tufnell can pull just about anything.

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Anonymous said...

Yup Right. However,I believe there are some other players who play the pull shot very well. Even V.V.S Laxman can pull excellently.

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