Saturday, November 14, 2009


You are sitting on a couch with your 7th bowl of masala popcorns. It is the final ball of the final session of the final Test match of an unusual series of close matches yielding no results due to various cricketing and atmospheric reasons. This last match was a close affair till the end, which is why you have taken a day off and latching on to the television. Your team is bowling the last ball of the day.

The opponents came close enough to winning it but a flurry of wickets claimed by your quickies in this final session had them gasping for survival. They are 6 runs behind your team's score. The best they can do is tie the match - which does not change the match or series situation in any way.

Your skip ambles to the bowler and customarily asks him to avoid delivering no-ball or wide. He then yells at the fielders to back up and ensure no overthrows. Skippy winks at the 'keeper - no words needed for that man. Bowler runs in to close out the series.

And then this happens..

[Statutory Warning: The setting is imaginary; the result of the series on this video was 5-0 against the bowling team. It is the possibility, my dears..]

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