Friday, December 18, 2009


Peter Roebuck writes a piece on Jayasuriya who rose above himself as a batsman but never added the negatives that people often inbibe in their nature on that treacherous journey.

Who else can fill your mind if you try to think of a Viv Richards who is not throwing attitude, a Sehwag who is even less complicated than Sehwag on seeing bad balls and knowing what to do with them, a great player who always carried out the orders of his various skippers like an excited schoolboy right through his journey from twenty to forty in international cricket?

We see him so less these days... and I thank Peter for reminding us that another great career is coming to a close andwe should be ready to stand up and cheer with gratitude for what he did to the game.

Here is another old post of mine on Jayasuriya from his amazing days.

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