Friday, February 25, 2011

The videotapes that never were

I was searching for youtube videos of our featured player of the day. We share those amongst a FB forum of colleague friends trying to make the most out of the cricket World Cup. Each day we have decided to have a World Cup great as a player of the day.

I picked up a number of videos from the net to pay tribute to this man...for example this one, or that one - even this.

Then I tried to search for a final video, the pinnacle of his achievements..only to remember I CANNOT show it.
No one can. It was never videotaped, that's why.

"Why are India perched at number 1 position in Tests?"
'Coz they have great players for some years.

"Why do India have great players?"
Because so many people in the country play and follow this game.

"Why do so many people follow this game?"
Because it shot up in popularity after India won the 1983 world Cup.

"Why did they win the 1983 world cup?"
 Because... much as all other reasons in all other games of India in that Cup, one man - their captain and best player Kapil Dev - emerged from the pavilion with his team grovelling at 17/5 & played one astonishing innings of 175* to win India a lost cause against Zimbabwe at a venue called Turnbridge wells in UK.

He did that on a day when the British media went on strike....

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