Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lively pitches for lively cricket in league phase

Ireland overcame a big target yesterday on a batting pitch against Test side England. You would not see it happen nine out of ten times. [That's my humble take on the 'epic upset']

But to be fair to Ireland, they have been the only associate country which, over the years of Kenya's decline as 'potential Test material' during last decade , have looked like bringing about this type of 'upset'. Ireland are better than the average 'minnow' at all times, and were more so on 2nd March 2011. Come Sunday and I expect them to give India as much fight as a team like Bangladesh can.

Today's Can-v-Pak match, however, perfectly illustrated the need for this World Cup's wickets offering something to least during the league stages. With a helpful pitch due to moisture, Canadian bowlers did well and reigned in Pak batting. They would have pulled off this target if one more Canadian batsman would support Hansra.

Canada would not run Pak close on batting pitches like the ones used in England's last two matches.

Put WI / NZ against minnows on similar helpful pitches and the QF line up might get more interesting.

[Note: I only caught snatches of the Can-v-Pak match on telly]

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