Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ask You: 03

Sanath Jayasuriya scored 150's in consecutive ODI's [5thODi vs. England, and versus Netherlands yesterday). I cannot recall that to have ever happened. Am I right?

Update: Jagadish says I am indeed.


Jagadish said...

Never, so far. But you can't take Jayasuriya's 15x v Holland seriously :)

Jagadish said...
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Salil said...

Why not, jagadish? Jayasuriya scored around as many runs off as many balls against Holland as he did against England. Probably just means that he rates those two attacks on par. :)

As for the trivia, yes. Only previous instance that might come close is Tendulkar's 134/143 at Sharjah in 98 against Australia. No other batsman has made such high scores consecutively.

angshu said...

Nah, I agree with Jagadish. No value for those runs for someone who has achieved so much. But there's a lot of truth about Salil's statement about Sanath that 'he rates those two attacks on par'.

Jayasuriya often scores in bulk in ODI's. When in form he scores equally against all teams, but he also fails against everyone - even England and Netherlands - when off the boil.