Friday, January 05, 2007

The Old New (or New Old) face of Indian Team

A friend was looking incredulously at the scorecard of the ongoing 3rd test at Cape Town. He has done so umpteen times since Jo’burg irrespective of state of play. He always looks at the Indian batting card, precisely the names on it. And now the look on his face gets even more incredulous as India inch towards the near impossible – returning without defeat after a Test series in South Africa.

Picture this and ponder over the thought behind his bewilderment:

Ting tong.

Film producer Dilip Vengsarkar (opening the door): Yes?
Man At Door: It’s me.
DV: Who ARE you?
Man (flabbergasted): You do not actually recognise me?
DV: Do I look to be joking?
MAD: But it’s been just a few days…Okay, surely you must recognise him (point at 2nd man at door)? You saw him at the studio the other day.
DV: I’m sorry but I do not know him either. Now if you can excuse me…
MAD: And him?
DV: What is this bloody game going on - some sort of a memory test? The three of you have no business coming here.
MAD: But Sir ….[SLAM]

For a moment Yuvraj Singh, the aspiring actor, looks blankly at the closed door and walks back with comrades Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif. Up to this point, all of them were under the impression that they had succeeded in the nationwide auditions for title roles in a movie called ‘The Young Musketeers’.

“So what we heard was true. The old fart’s lost the original script and is beginning work on a bloody new one.”
“Never mind – we’ll come back hard and push for roles in this one! What is it called, by the way?”
“The Old Age Home.”

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