Monday, March 19, 2012

Kohli Yug (Screengrabs)

I am yet to get over Virat Kohli's batsmanship in the Hobart ODI last month. Now we already have his killer touch again in the Mirpur win last night.
[If I am permitted to use 'touch' for an innings worth 182 runs...]

Hobart got me excited about an ODI after a long time....first time after 2nd April 2011, to be precise. An Indian batsman taking a very decent bowling side apart during a 300+ chase under pressure on foreign soil is a rare sight, even unexpected these days. For the man to succeed at it with a bonus point, and without slogging, is something special.

Mirpur was a showcase of Kohli's leg side artistry. He declared total dominance of any opposition in sub continent ODI's...and that does not look so snigger-worthy when coming from the lone guy that played well against Australia in away Tests.

Hobart, I reckon, was the formal announcement that he wants to be the new King. In all forms of cricket. At any country...and perhaps against any opposition.

An FB friend used the term 'Kohli-yug' on his status last night. 
Mirpur may be the start of that yug.

Screengrabs from Hobart ODI on 28th Feb 2012:
[pic  courtesy - Star Sports telecast] 

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thanks so much again for the screengrabs as you called them, they show the highlights of the game and they made me imagine how the game was because I could not watch it :S