Monday, March 12, 2012

My personal tribute to Dravid: a collection of my Dravid posts on Pavilion view & other blogs

"FB has been prompting me to switch over to its 'timeline' version of status update.
After today I have no Wall has retired today.
All that this Wall and his illustrious Big Five colleagues stood and toiled for...may those live on in the vision of genX, genY and genZ."

That was my Facebook reaction to Rahul Dravid's retirement from Test and first class cricket on 9th March 2012.

In the past this blog has had some posts on Dravid's work as captain and cricketer.

The first one I want to share is a general post that somehow applies to Dravid today. Especially the last three paragraphs. The pre-retirement thoughts of Dravid that have come out through his press-conference and also his ex-teammates' comments on the dilemma of deciding on his last tour. 
I wouldn't have contemplated Dravid to fit this post while writing it - I was making a general point and, in any case, Dravid was at his peak then. 
The original post was on Cricinfo's Different Strokes. We have now reposted it in this blog and dedicated it to Rahul Dravid.

Other "Pavilion View" posts on Dravid:

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And finally, to conclude this post I will re-post another old Facebook status message. It was posted some days after the proudest moment I had in quite sometime as an Indian cricket lover. I had stood up in my living room with the spectators and applauded the man when he opened the innings in the 4th England Test of 2011 facing a large English target, carried his bat in the innings and then came out 10 mins later to follow on...

Can't stop feeling proud of RD after that 4th Test...the way he took a new role and produced the one of the best 3 ever in it since India played Tests (carrying the bat as an opener)..and then came out to bat AGAIN within 10 mins to follow on. Here's an excerpt from a news link that reflects what he did that day:
"August 21: He comes to the field with his ‘aglets’ knotted and almost pasted to his shoes. He isn’t taking any chances and plays the knock of the tour. Fathers in the stands want their sons to play like him and mothers want them to behave like him. "

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