Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clearing the ropes from an armchair

"Hell! He had just this one over to play and it would be tea."

Viewed from outside the boundary ropes, cricket can often be an easy game to play. Everything the players attempt on the field is but child's play to the majority of us watching from the stands, peeping at the internet scorecard, and gazing at the idiot box. We have seen ex-players failing the temptation to step into this armchair-critic mode.

"C'mon pal, you simply cannot afford to have such an ordinary yorker at this level."

England are 23/2 chasing India's 203 in the 1st ODI. How's this one for the barmy army to boo their dismissed batsmen?

"Sure your coach tells you a thousand times that Pathan swings one way, but you still have to gift him your wicket through another left-handed nick or right-handed lbw."

A bit too long for the regular couch-potato's liking, I guess.

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