Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cricket reporting made easy

Take a 5th day match report of Mumbai Test and perform the following precise operations:

Find 'Mumbai Test', replace with 'Delhi ODI'.

Find 'Dravid at the toss', replace with 'Flintoff at the toss'.

Find 'Yuvraj Singh', check for phrase 'bad match', replace with 'Owais Shah'.

Find 'Shaun Udal', replace with 'Harbhajan Singh'.

Find 'India after lunch break', replace with 'England after Pietersen'.

Find 'Dhoni's skier', replace with 'Blackwell's sweep'.

Find 'Flintoff at the post-match', replace with 'Dravid at the post match'.

Find 'chants of brick back Sourav' - but do not replace it.

Your Delhi ODI match report is almost ready! Easy stuff.
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