Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Gold Rush

A young fast bowler (YFB) enters an interview hall. YOS, off-spinning mate from his state team, crosses him at the door. Some batsmen are seen exchanging heated words with security personnel at the gate. A banner outside the hall reads "Recruitment of bowlers for Indian Test team". A few good men (FGM) are waiting. They stop shaking their heads and face him.
FGM-1: I must say that you look impressive, boy. Tell us what you can do for the team.
YFB: (clears throat) Good morning gentlemen. I came across your newspaper ad for this walk-in. Sir I am a fast bowler. After working up a rhythm I bowl at a pace that batsmen do not relish. I own a deceptive slower, a kicking-off-good-length bouncer and an accurate yorker. I mix all of these weapons sparingly and generally stick to an off stump line.
FGM-2: Anything more?
YFB: I am pretty quick in the outfield and all my skippers will tell you I am a safe catcher. And I am in fine form this first class season.
FGM-3: But can you bat?
YFB: I'm afraid I am not too good at it.
FGM-3: Thanks. You may leave now.
YFB walks away, but turns back at the door. Eagerness drips from his countenance.
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