Monday, March 12, 2007

The Hour arrives

Everyone's been warming up to the Event: the spectators, the hosts, the players, the officials, the administrators..... and even the newly laid Caribbean pitches and venues. (Why else would those shabby 'warm up' matches be scheduled?)

So the World Cup hour arrives, finally.

I recommend the following links to PV readers for interesting cricket views and updates during the coming excitement- filled days:

Willow and Leather : Vishnu Pavan

The Surfer : cricinfo

Men in White : Mukul Kesavan /cricinfo


My two cents : Homer

Cricket24x7 : Jagadish

& not to forget our
DS friends, notably Zainub, Chris, Will

[If you are blessed enough to receive and promptly forward one or more of those divine chain emails then you might even find a few posts on cricket by Lahar, Anantha, Amit and Gaurav within these WC months. Why they must have mentioned this in those emails]

Have fun dears!

Update: Anantha is a guest blogger at Uberdesi this World Cup

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anantha said...

Thanks for the kind word, Angs!

Just as an fyi for people reading this post, (rather than my own blog) I should point you over to where I am guest blogging about the World Cup.

Thanks again!