Thursday, March 29, 2007

I blink for eight hours and miss it again

Keeping late nights over the last week took a rather heavy toll on me last night as I fell asleep right on the floor in front of TV sometime in the lunch break of SL-v-RSA match.Being no ordinary doser I refused to part my eyelids for the next eight hours. You can bet on cricket matches featuring South Africa to explode into scarcely believable encounters whenever I miss them and sure as today's sunrise this happened while I slept.

Graeme Smith thought he aged from 26 to 40 in those pulsating final overs. A glance at the fag end of cricinfo's live commentary for that match (where Sriram Veera & co apparently did a more-than-satisfactory job of describing the indescribable)
and I am ready for an hour long sermon on the absolute advantage of fishes, those magnificent eyelid-less creatures, over humans in following month-and-half long events taking place in the other half of the globe.

I was not even travelling this time.

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