Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maroon versus Yellow

The colours of West Indies and Australia, scheduled to meet in the first Super 8 match today, remind me of an old joke. I hope all of you haven't heard of it:

The captain of a cargo ship spots a sailboat in the distance. As the boat draws nearer capt only needs one look at the shady looking folk in it to realise he is dealing with pirates. He looks for help in the form of other cargo ships but finds none. At once he issues a warning to his men to prepare for a battle and yells out, "Bring out my maroon shirt." Soon enough a fierce fight breaks out between the forces of good and evil.

The outnumbered pirates are finally vanquished into retreat by the gallant captain and his men. One soldier remembers that strange desire of his leader to change attire ahead of a grim fight and enquires about the reason. The captain says," I chose a maroon shirt so you would not spot me bleeding and get weak in the heart." Thunderous applause naturally follows.

The next day Captain Courageous cannot believe his eyes as he spots a fearsome monstrosity in the horizon. His fears are confirmed soon: a huge pirate ship complete with skull and crossbones is charging towards them, and this one looks like a warehouse of pirates. Once again the great leader asks his men to brace themselves for the big fight ahead. At the end of his moving pre-war speech he enquires, "Can I have my yellow breeches?"

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