Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ask whom?

With Steven Lynch enjoying continued success in assigning his bottomless trash-can to take care of my finest email questions I can only ask my reader friends to help me out with this:

Steven Harmison had figures of 10-2-31-3 in the 2nd ODI his team played against Sri Lanka yesterday. He achieved that bowling in a 50-over innings of 319 runs. I do not recall better figures by a bowler in an ODI innings that big. Please let me know when you spot someone who has bowled better than Harmison in a 300-plus one day innings.

[Publishing responders' names in this blog is the only affordable appreciation, I'm afraid...]

On second thoughts, how about firing a quiz question every week in this space? Sounds interesting - except that I must know the answer then!

Update: S Jagadish has come up with a fantastic detailed response to this query (see comment) and completely bowled me over. I am going to post my queries to my friends here henceforth, no need to Ask Anyone!


Jagadish said...

Honourable mentions from CI - taking wkts, bowling full spell and econ rate significantly lesser than batting team's runrate

I'd vote for Asif 3/30, Kapil 5/43, Nehra 3/44 being the better performances.

Chaminda Vaas 4/56 - Aus 368, Rana 3/54 - Ind 356, Streak 3/50 - Aus 344, Kumble 2/48 - NZ 348, Clark 4/55 - NZ 332, Kapil 3/44 - WI 333, Martin Suji 1/29 - Ind 329, Nehra 3/44 - Ind 329, Mohd. Asif 3/30 - Ind 328, Kapil Dev 5/43 - Aus 320, Saqlain 3/42 - RSA 321,

angshu said...

Great feedback, fully agreed and thanks a lot Jagadish!

Pratik said...

Hah, I feel the same way about the (very fine) questions I send to Steven. This is a good idea, maybe I'll post them on my blog too.

Jagadish said...

Wisdom of crowds v wisdom of the expert :)

Anonymous said...

Harbhajan Singh conceded 14 runs in 10 overs in the 2nd ODI against England (I forget the venue) in 2004 in the Natwest Challenge. England had scored 307 in 50 overs.

- Hemant,