Saturday, June 24, 2006

TAFHCA and its noble cause

Bad hair styling has always been a necessary evil of both life as well as sport. TAFHCA - The Anti Foolish Hair Cut Association - is trying to do some work on this front. Emphasis is on damage mitigation and rectification, as well as spreading of awareness amongst potential defaulters.
President Zainub Razvi needs to be applauded for her noble efforts to set the ball rolling. While the responses to the work by TAFHCA have been encouraging, the real measure of TAFHCA's achievements is the resistance it faces from some quarters. I am proud to be the Vice President in this inspirational organisation. That demonstrates TAFHCA's sympathetic attitude towards follically challenged (as against tonsured) people unless, of course, they are bent upon causing shockwaves with the 'remainder'.
As part of their regular watchdog activities, TAFHCA has pulled up some Cricketing culprits here while the soccer shockers, growing in geometric progression this World Cup season, have been decried in these lines. [Guess the 'watchdog' metaphor assumed real life proportions in that last mentioned article..]

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