Saturday, June 24, 2006

The truth about Ganguly conspiracy.. that it is orchestrated by Fate herself! I mean, who else do you blame when two people on the fringes of national selection (and losing their standings steadily), each having a world of respect and gratitude for the other, are always finding each other to be the persons to beat in order to strengthen their individual claims to re-selection?

Whenever Sourav Ganguly supporters hope to see a big score against his name it has to be a fast bowler named Zaheer Khan, nurtured mostly by Ganguly himself, that comes back to blistering form and picks up his mentor's wicket very cheaply. It happened at the Duleep trophy finals last year, and it is happening again in distant English counties, thousands of miles away from their home nation.

All this happens while another struggler named Sachin Tendulkar tries to claw his way back to international cricket in the same country and their team, India, are playing in the West Indies....Imagine the looks you would get if you woke up an Indian cricket fan who had fallen asleep Rip-van-Winkle-like after Australia 2003-04 and said that to him! Can have a look at this post and its comments discussing the Ganguly misfortune.

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