Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some more impressive stuff on Ajit Agarkar

4 wickets per innings is now an official ODI stat in cricket circles, as 5 wickets in 10 overs are justly considered too high an ask for a bowler, comparable to 6 or 7 wickets in a Test innings. Now here's another piece of information which shows how our prejudices can make us ignore facts that have happened right in front of us.

While I hate his propensity to bowl this compulsory four ball every over [till he struck the recent sublime patch, that is], I like to be counted as a supporter of Ajit Agarkar in ODI's and I have noticed that his strike rate (wicket taking ability) is not too inferior in comparison to Irfan Pathan in the shorter version. Not so long ago I had blogged about him here.
However even while following his stuttering career right since his phenomenal debut phase I never realised that his one day career graph was shaping up THIS well, at least in terms of 4-wicket hauls taken in his 164 match career [see pic]. Dread to imagine how he must then fare in the rating charts of people who shout for his omission.....

I mean, everybody else on that list is saluted as a top performer but no such luck for poor Ajit! Interestingly though, his conversion of 4-fors to 5-fors is pretty dismal! "There, there - I knew there was a catch in this"..;)

On a different note, it is time that a similar yardstick re-appraisal exercise is undertaken for lower order one day batsmen. How about making 40 runs a landmark for poor souls batting lower than number 5 in ODI's?
[stats courtesy: cricinfo "List"]

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